Vertical Climbing

If you are a budding climber or an expert looking to do some traditional climbing our webshop has it all. Following the international quality control and safety standards, our products are heat treated for the stability and equipped with the modern testing machines to ensure your safety.

The very top of a mountain is last place where you would want to find yourself with broken carabiners, a tent with a hole, frayed ropes or other equipment that just isn''t up to the task. Don''t skimp on the basics. Choose from a wide variety of top quality gear designed and tested on some of the most famous (and infamous) peaks on Earth.

Don''t forget to try our newly launched Carabiner Finder to help you find the perfect carabiner that suits your style!



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Twist Locking Screwgate
Cartex TrimLine Backpack
Clocker Screwgate
Screwgate Caribiner
Aluminized Screwgate
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Items 1 - 5 of 5