Lip Balm Configurator

Create your very own lip balm to your exact specifications with the Nav-to-Netâ„¢ Configurator. Your lip balm can be as unique as you! The step by step process will guide you through the base, flavour, special add-on''s, and packaging for your one-of-a-kind balm. They make perfect gifts as well.

Let''s get started!


Each of our luxurious lip balm bases are formulated with organic natural ingredients of the highest quality. They are suitable for even the most sensitive and dry, chapped lips.

Lip Balm Base

Pick a soothing base for your lip balm.

This gorgeous and emollient base is rich and moisturizing. Choose this for deep and lasting comfort for your lips.


Two of the most luxurious butters combine to create this great base for flaky chapped lips. Smooth lips start here!


Sweet almond oil is delicately fragranced and provides long lasting moisture to soften and smooth lips.


Choose slip factor

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This determines how your lip balm will glide on and staying power. If you like a silkier soft feel for immediate relief of chapped lips or you prefer for it to have lasting power, there is a slip factor to accommodate your needs.

Firm, slightly waxy feel. Matte finish with no gloss. Best longevity.

Smooth and buttery feel with minimal shine.

The silkiest feeling lip balm. Slightly oily texture with a glossy finish.